Matar Pattice | Green Peas Potato Cutlet | Matar Kabab | Tea Time Snacks

Matar Pattice | Green Peas Potato Cutlet with detailed photo and video recipe. It is an easy, healthy- tasty snack or Tikki recipe made with grated Green-peas and boiled potatoes. The recipe is very similar to the popular Aloo Tikki which is just made with potatoes, but this recipe contains green-peas stuffed within potato Tikki….

Dahi Vada | Dahi Bhalla | Dahi Bara | Dahi Wada

Dahi Vada there is several versions of Dahi Vada within India which changes with the region. Dahi Vada is very famous in North India. Delhi Dahi Bhalla is pure chaat recipe and is spiced with green chutney, tamarind chutney and black salt. North Indian Dahi Vada contain raisins, cashews, ginger and green chilies in batter…